Welcome to Bellissimo Kennels

We are the breeders of high-health Boston Terrier Show Dogs and also pets and companion dogs of this breed.

Our dogs come from trouble free stock. They are all bred from DNA tested lines and are clear of hereditary problems like juvenile cataracts, patella etc.

Satisfied Owners of Bellissimo Boston Terriers live in many parts of New Zealand as well as in Fiji, New Caledonia and numerous Australian States.

By the time we despatch a puppy to its new home it has been socialised with other dogs, cats and humans and it will be basically toilet-trained to relieve itself on newspaper.

We do not part with our puppies unless we know that they are going to suitable homes. That means that we will ask you a few searching questions about why you might want one of our Bostons, where it will live and how much time you can devote to the pup.

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